40 Years of High Quality Medical Packaging and
Sterilization Products

GS Medical Packaging Inc. has been a leader in the medical packaging and sterilization product industry for over 40 years. Our head office operations and manufacturing is located in Etobicoke, Ontario. As a Canadian based company, we service clients across North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. With ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485 certifications and our compliance to EN 868/ISO 11607 standards, we have gained a solid reputation for meeting the stringent requirements and specific needs of our clients.


GS Medical is a Canadian-owned healthcare company dedicated to manufacturing and distributing infection control products. We aim to provide our clients the highest quality branded and private-label products. We bring passion to everything we do to create remarkable customer experiences.


We are a customer-centric company committed to excellence. We are dedicated to creating customer partnerships through strong relationships, offering high-value, quality products and outstanding service.

Medical Packaging Expertise through Experience

GS Medical is a well established medical packaging manufacturer, specialized in a wide variety of high quality sterilization packaging, medical packaging and infection control products. Our clientele include medical device companies, hospitals, dental clinics, veterinarians, tattoo parlours and spas. If your product requires sterilization by steam, ethylene oxide, gamma, e-beam, hydrogen peroxide or others commercial sterilants, GS Medical’s medical packaging expertise can provide a quality solution.

Wide Range of Medical Sterilization Products

GS Medical has a fully integrated private label operation with state-of-the-art printing and lamination services,giving you the ability to private label your own brand. Our state-of-the art pouch and roll machines will ensure quality that you are looking for.

We also have two in-house brands.

GS Medical Packaging’s product range continues to expand as the demands of the market we serve evolve. We continue as a team to ensure that all aspects of the design and manufacturing process take into account the critical nature of the product we are producing and the satisfaction of you, the end-user. Our products are of high quality with prices that are competitive in today’s global market.